Robust shaftless screw conveyors

Composite screw conveyors

Due to the increasing number of new types of sticky and abrasive materials and where it is not possible to use an axisless spiral due to the necessary filling with transported material, we use with very good results robust plastic screw conveyors RATAJ® (types RPRPN) consisting of plastic screw, internal axis - hexagon and pipe. Since 2013 we have a completely new design of plastic segments robust construction. These segments are easily slid onto the hexagonal axis and, using locks, create a very robust, non-bearing worm conveyor construction.

These conveyors can also be used for demanding applications for conveying abrasive materials. Their main advantage is especially lightweight construction, quiet operation even in cases where there is no conveyed material in the conveyor. Composite augers are several times lighter than a steel spiral and, in combination with the corresponding piping, these conveyors can be used for applications that require continuous conveyor operation without the conveyed material. It is mainly used in the food industry (sticky and wet materials), in the chemical industry (aggressive substances) and last but not least in heavy industry, energy and construction.



  • transport of sticky materials
  • no-load option
  • lightweight construction

Conveyor made from

AUGER: Type RP - plastic composite

  • segment color red - designed for abrasive materials
  • segment color white - intended for food
  • segment color gray - designed for ATEX hazardous areas



  • steel (according to EN - S 235, S 355)
  • stainless steel (according to ASTM - AISI 304, AISI 316)
  • plastic PP


Depending on the type of material to be conveyed and the particular technological conditions, combinations of materials are also used

Types of composite screw conveyors



Auger outside diameter

Thread pitch


Transport capacity




(cca m3/hod) */1

RP 50


25, 50


0,001 - 0,5

RP 80


40, 80


0,001 - 1,0

RP 100


40, 100


0,01 - 5,0

RP 150


75, 150


0,01 - 15

RP 220


110, 220


3,0 - 50

RP 300


150, 300


5,0 - 100,0


*/ 1 The conveying capacity of individual conveyors depends on the type and physical properties of the conveyed material.


More than 5 900 units of conveyors for nearly 600 kinds of materials in 34 years of market experience guarantee professionalism even for your demand.

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