Big-Bag Stations


The station is used to fill bulk materials into large-volume bags (BIG-BAG) that are placed on a pallet. The pallet with the bag is placed either on the loading platform of the weighing device or on the floor in the interior of the station. In addition, the bag is suspended with 4 mesh attachments for easier and more accurate filling.

The bag (bag) sleeve is attached to the inlet pipe by means of a fastening strap with a quick coupling. The filling is carried out by means of a shaft-free spiral conveyor RATAJ or another suitable transport device (conveyor), which is fixed to the station. The filling station is intended for filling loose materials not forming arches.

Conveyor made from


  • steel design
  • stainless steel design (AISI 304, AISI 316)
  • steel-stainless steel combination

Basic Specifications:

  • The dimensions of the station are dealt with individually by a purchase contract based on the customer's request and depending on the dimensions of the bags supplied.

The basic dimensions of bags (bags) are:

  • 800x800x1000 mm
  • 800x1000x1000 mm
  • 1000x1000x1000 mm
  • 1000x1000x1500 mm
  • other dimensions of bags

The maximum bag weight after filling can be 1500 kg.

BAG-BIG composition system consisting of arbitrarily combined components:

  • weighing strain gauges including evaluation electronics for filling BIG-BAG bags
  • sliding webs BIG-BAG station for different bag heights

More than 5 900 units of conveyors for nearly 600 kinds of materials in 34 years of market experience guarantee professionalism even for your demand.

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