Big-Bag Stations


The station is used for emptying bulk materials from large-volume BIG-BAG bags, which are hung on a hanging cross using 4 hanging eyes.

Emptying takes place in the shaftless spiral conveyor RATAJ®, or in a classic screw conveyor or other unloading device.

The emptying station is intended for the dumping of dry bulk materials, which do not form vaults, and of the maximum grain size of the material to be dumped given for the subsequent emptying device.

For emptying BIG-BAG stations it is possible to use bags with straight and conical bottom, with discharge valve and others. The BIG-BAG unloading station includes a suspension cross for bags with the option of hanging on a forklift or hoist.

As optional accessories, we supply pneumatically driven lifting plates to facilitate the falling of material out of the bags, iris valves for closing bags, suspension systems for various bag heights and weighing strain gauges, including evaluation electronics.



  • Increasing work productivity - the operator can engage in other more productive activities than filling the hopper of a conveyor or other similar equipment
  • Increased operator safety - stations are equipped with safety features, the operator does not use sharp tools to open paper or plastic bags
  • Improving the working environment - the station is designed as a dust-free device
  • Reducing the cost of transported material - material in BIG-BAG bags is usually more cost-effective than in other smaller packages, eg: bags of 25 kg
  • Reduction of waste - use of BIG-BAG bags instead of other small-content packaging of transported material, eg: 25 kg paper bags
  • Reduces the logistics requirements for packaging waste
  • Reduces packaging disposal costs - BIG-BAG bags are usually returnable

Conveyor made from


  • steel design
  • stainless steel design (AISI 304, AISI 316)
  • steel-stainless steel combination

Basic Specifications:

  • The dimensions of the station are dealt with individually by a purchase contract based on the customer's request and depending on the dimensions of the delivered bags

Basic division of BIG-BAG station according to the design of the suspension cross:

A) BIG-BAG forklift cross suspension station.
B) BIG-BAG station with suspension cross for hoist (hoist).

The basic dimensions of bags (bags) are:

  • 800x800x1000 mm
  • 800x1000x1000 mm
  • 1000x1000x1000 mm
  • 1000x1000x1500 mm
  • other dimensions of bags

The maximum bag weight after filling can be 1500 kg.

BIG-BAG composition system consisting of arbitrarily combined components:

  • weighing strain gauges including evaluation electronics for filling or emptying BIG-BAG bags
  • hanging cross for bags with possibility of sliding on forklift
  • sliding webs BIG-BAG station for different bag heights
  • lift plates with pneumatic drive to facilitate material dropping from bags

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