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Big-Bag Stations

For filling and emptying large-volume bags

BIG-BAG stations for filling bulk materials into high-volume bags (BIG-BAG) and emptying using RATAJ® shaftless spiral conveyors represent dust-free and efficient handling of bulk materials for users. Each RATAJ® BIG-BAG station is designed directly for a specific customer and therefore it is possible to produce many variants of BIG BAG stations for different dimensions, weights and types of bags (standard bags, bags with construction, conical bags and others).

For emptying BIG-BAG stations it is possible to use bags with straight and conical bottom, with discharge valve and others. Filling BIG-BAG stations can use bags with an open top or with a filling valve. The BIG-BAG emptying station includes a suspension cross for bags with the option of hanging on a forklift or hoist.

Modular (modular) construction of a BIG-BAG station with the possibility of adapting to the specific requirements of the customer.

As optional accessories, we supply pneumatically driven lifting plates to facilitate the falling of material out of the bags, iris valves for closing bags, suspension systems for various bag heights and weighing strain gauges, including evaluation electronics.

We supply BIG-BAG stations, including all necessary documentation for the operation of these devices.

We manufacture BIG-BAG stations in steel or stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316). The surface treatment of steel stations is powder firing paint according to the RAL swatch or hot-dip galvanizing.

More than 5 900 units of conveyors for nearly 600 kinds of materials in 34 years of market experience guarantee professionalism even for your demand.

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