The following accessories can be an optional part of the conveyors:

  • longitudinal opening system with electronic monitoring of the open state
  • propeller, capacitive or vibrating sensors monitoring the level of material in hoppers, tanks and overflows
  • shaftless spiral speed sensors, including electronic control of spiral start and slip
  • electrical cabinet with manual or programmable control
  • frequency converter for continuous change of transport power
  • strain gauges for continuous weighing in an axisless spiral conveyor
  • shut-off dampers with electric or pneumatic actuator
  • stand with travel wheels including brake
  • double spiral dosing conveyor for extreme differences in the metered amount of material
  • any choice of shade of the surface color of the conveyor according to the RAL swatch

Spiral rotary motion sensor with bearing and evaluation unit SRP-03

Type variants differ according to the used supply voltage:

  • 24 V   AC/DC
  • 230 V   AC

Speed ​​range: 0 - 1000 rpm. with the same accuracy

The sensor is used to measure the speed and thus to indicate a stop (cracking or other deformation of the spiral) or deceleration of the rotation of slow-running shafts, screw conveyors and spiral conveyors with a flexible shaftless spiral and end bearing. It can also be used to monitor periodic non-rotating motion. The sensor responds to changes in the distribution of ferromagnetic masses in its active zone.
The sensor consists of an evaluation unit and a sensor, which is connected to the evaluation unit with a cable with a standard length of 5 m. The cable length can be adjusted according to customer requirements, provided that the length does not exceed 10 m!

Description of the function of the evaluation unit:

The evaluation unit of the sensor (RTA-01) is a device enabling both optical control of the operation of the spiral conveyor and evaluation of the fault and subsequent shutdown of the conveyor. The unit is programmable and in cooperation with a sensor responsive to the movement of ferromagnetic material is designed for convenient operation and fully automatic mode of operation.

Basic parameters of the evaluation unit:

  • Power supply according to type: 24 V AC / DC +/- 5% or 230 V AC +/- 15%
  • Power consumption approx. 3 VA
  • Input: 1x pulse input for sensor
  • Output: 1x relay with changeover contact
  • Degree of protection: IP 20 / IP 50
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55 ° C
  • The evaluation unit is designed for the environment defined by ČSN 33 2000-3 with the following external influences: AB5 - spaces protected from atmospheric influences with temperature regulation.

Description of sensor function:

The sensor is an active electromagnetic sensor, responding to the presence of metal objects in its active detection zone. The output signal of the sensor is pulsed and is fed to the evaluation unit by a cable.
Structurally, the sensor is designed to withstand mechanical and chemical influences of the environment and is resistant to interference from the 50 Hz network.

Basic sensor parameters:

  • The guaranteed sensitivity of the reaction to the ferromagnetic object in the sensor axis (in free space) is 0 to 1.6 mm.
  • Degree of protection: IP 67
  • Ambient operating temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C

!! Warning !!
Do not install on vibrating structures!
When installing the sensor on spiral conveyors type SL, SLN, SLP it is necessary to use a bearing with preparation for this type of sensor to mount the sensor.

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