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Company State City Equipment Type of Conveyor / BIG-BAG stations Quantity Material GPS
United States of America Richmond Conveyor SLN 61 2 powder
Algeria Alžír Conveyor 1
Georgia Tbilisi Conveyor 1
Kazakhstan Astana Conveyor 1
Mongolia Ulánbátar Conveyor 1
Turkmenistan Ašchabad Conveyor 1
A - Z Packaging Czech Republic Vlašim Conveyor SLN 68 3 powder (vitamin)
A-Grotex Poland Gliwice Conveyor SLN 68 1 cellulose
A.M. Liberec Czech Republic Liberec Conveyor SL 90 1 PVC pulp
A.M.SK Slovakia Bratislava Conveyor RLN 110 6 PET (granulate)
A.M.SK Slovakia Bratislava Conveyor SL 68 1 PET flakes
A.S.A. Czech Republic Brno Conveyor RL 230 3 waste
A.W. spol. Czech Republic Loštice Conveyor RLN 90 2 salt
AB-Pack Czech Republic Vlašim Conveyor RLN 110 1 casein
ABB Czech Republic Jablonec nad Nisou Conveyor SL 90 2 plastic (granulate)
ABB Czech Republic Jablonec nad Nisou Conveyor SL 61 1 plastic (crushed)

More than 5 500 units of conveyors for nearly 600 kinds of materials in 30 years of market experience guarantee professionalism even for your demand.

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