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Company State City Equipment Type of Conveyor / BIG-BAG stations Quantity Material GPS
United States of America Richmond Conveyor SLN 61 2 powder
Algeria Alžír Conveyor 1
Georgia Tbilisi Conveyor 1
Kazakhstan Astana Conveyor 1
Mongolia Ulánbátar Conveyor 1
Turkmenistan Ašchabad Conveyor 1
A - Z Packaging Czech Republic Vlašim Conveyor SLN 68 3 powder (vitamin)
A-Grotex Poland Gliwice Conveyor SLN 68 1 cellulose
A.M. Liberec Czech Republic Liberec Conveyor SL 90 1 PVC pulp
A.M.SK Slovakia Bratislava Conveyor RLN 110 6 PET (granulate)
A.M.SK Slovakia Bratislava Conveyor SL 68 1 PET flakes
A.S.A. Czech Republic Brno Conveyor RL 230 3 waste
A.W. spol. Czech Republic Loštice Conveyor RLN 90 2 salt
AB-Pack Czech Republic Vlašim Conveyor RLN 110 1 casein
ABB Czech Republic Jablonec nad Nisou Conveyor SL 90 2 plastic (granulate)
ABB Czech Republic Jablonec nad Nisou Conveyor SL 61 1 plastic (crushed)

časová osa

  • 1990

    Establishment of a private company Stanislav Rataj (present member of the Board of Directors of RATAJ a.s.) engaged in the production and supply of technological units for agriculture. These deliveries also included SL-type spiral-free spiral conveyors. These conveyors are used to transport light bulk materials.

  • 1994

    Establishment of a separate group of production of shaftless screw conveyors by Ing. Stanislav Rataj (current Chairman of the Board of Directors). Beginning of supply to Czech market with light type conveyor robust type RL.

  • 1999

    Establishment of RATAJ s.r.o. and reach to the leader position with supplying and production light and robust type of conveyor.

  • 2000

    Introduction of a quality system meeting the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9002 and since 2003 according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001. Since this period, there has been a significant increase in exports of conveyors manufactured by RATAJ s.r.o. not only to Europe, but also to Africa, America and Asia.

  • 2003

    Establishment of RATAJ SK s.r.o. Opening of stock at Slovakia and start production of conveyors for Slovakia.

  • 2004

    Opening of RATAJ s.r.o. in Poland. The Polish market is gradually becoming the largest export market. Total exports exceed 40 % of all conveyors produced. Commencement of construction of a production facility on a plot of 17 500 m2 and completion of a warehouse and production hall on a total area of 1 200 m2.

  • 2005

    Commencement of production of conveyors in a new production hall and opening of a warehouse for spirals, pipes and electric gearboxes. A significant increase in the supply of shaftless spiral conveyors to the heating industry, especially in the Czech Republic.

  • 2006

    Purchase of CNC technology for cutting materials using a high-pressure stream. Export exceeded the limit of 50 % of the conveyors produced. Based on the implemented supplies to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia a dealership of the RATAJ Company for the Baltic countries with headquarters in Lithuania is being prepared. The RATAJ s.r.o. Company became a member of the Heat Generation Association of the Czech Republic. Start of production of BIG-BAG stations.

  • 2007

    Transformation of RATAJ s.r.o. to the joint-stock company RATAJ a.s. Participation in international fairs in Germany, England, Lithuania and Japan increases interest in RATAJ conveyors, especially in Germany, Scandinavia and Japan. On the occasion of the international engineering fair in Osaka, a contract for exclusive representation in Japan was signed.

  • 2008

    Opening of RATAJ a.s. representation in Italy.

  • 2009

    Start of construction of office building and parking. Implementation of K2 information system and transition to electronic order processing. Delivery of conveyors to new territories, including participation in trade fairs in the United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria. Development and delivery of the largest axisless spiral with a diameter of 800 mm.

  • 2010

    20 years of RATAJ a.s. activity. Start of operation of the office building, training center and parking lot with the participation of the most important customers and suppliers of RATAJ a.s. Grant of the first patent to RATAJ a.s. for axial coil cooler of bulk materials. Production of unique robust axisless spirals with variable pitch.

  • 2011

    Foundation of RATAJ POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Poland and ensuring leadership in delivering of shaftless screw  conveyors in Poland. The growing number of conveyors in Germany is the result of the newly created RATAJ a.s. in Germany.

  • 2012

    Receiving a prestigious award for own production - CZECH MADE brand (Czech quality). Development and delivery of 600 mm diameter hard metal screw.

  • 2013

    Commencement of production of composite screw conveyors, carbide spiral segments and alloy lining of conveyor pipes. Development of pellet and coal conveyors for automatic boilers.

  • 2014

    Commencement of production of spare screw for biogas stations.

  • 2015

    25 years of operation of RATAJ a.s. on the market.

  • 2016

    Develompment of robust plastic screw and bring to market.

  • 2018

    Production of the largest axisless conveyors with a spiral diameter of 800 mm for the unloading of agricultural commodities from ships in Stavanger, Norway. Purchase of CNC table shears.

  • 2020

    30 years of operation of RATAJ a.s. on the market.

  • 2021

    Commencement of construction of a new production hall.

  • 2022

    Delivery of BIG-BAG station and conveyor to Australia.

  • 2023

    Completion of the construction of the new production hall.



General Business Terms and Condition

1 sloupec

2 sloupce

2 sloupce

3 sloupce

3 sloupce

3 sloupce




Ing. Stanislav Rataj

Chairman of the Board of Management, Director

Ing. Luboš Rataj

Member of the Board of Directors and Economic director

Ing. Tomáš Stodolovský

Technical Director

Jiří Hüttner

Production Manager

Ladislav Hrdlička

Business Manager

Ondřej Štípek

Sales Department

Ing. Michaela Valentová


Markéta Švejdová

Personnel Officer

Pavel Ulrich, DiS.


mgr inż. Ryszard Huńka

Andrzej Huńka

Stanislav Rataj

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Management

Ing. Anna Dvořáková

System Control Manager

červený poptávkový banner

sloupec 5 7

sloupec 5 7

Representation for Slovakia

RATAJ SK s.r.o.

Kuchyňa 238, SK 900 52 Kuchyňa

+421 905 898 240



Representation for Poland


ul. Byczyńska 120, PL- 46 203 Kluczbork

+420 602 270 883



Representation for Great Britain

ENTECON Industries Ltd.

Unit 8, Lawrence Way, GU15 3DL Camberley, Surrey

+44 1276 414 540


Representation for Japan


Kita Osaka BLD.3-20, Banzai-Cho, Kita-Ku, 530-0028 Osaka

+81 663 124 171



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